Walter "Bud" Crane

Sales Associate

Real estate is as much a 'People' business as it is selling real property. All in all, it is the LIVES of the 'People' that live in the house that matter the most... the house will be there ... 25.... 50.. 100 years from now. It is the lives of the Sellers... and the lives of the Buyers... the Memories.. the Holidays ... the Birthdays ... the Children ... the Weddings .... are what everyone will cherish. It gives me great pleasure to be a catalyst for those things....


Here are what some Buyers, Sellers, other Brokers, and Closing Agents had to say:

"I know when I am dealing with Bud... the sale is sure to go through"      T.C  (Cooperating Broker)

"Thank you, it was a real pleasure working with you!"   A.L.  (Cooperating Broker)

"Darn right I'd recommend you! You sold my house in a week and closed in 2 weeks! "    N.S. (Seller)

"Bud was worth EVERY PENNY of his fee!"   D.H. (Seller)

"Your Agent was the most professional I've worked with in a long time"   N.C.  (Closing Agent)

When I said, "Bud, do whatever it takes to get this (difficult) transaction done... you did it ... you're the Greatest!"   J.W. (Buyer)

"You did everything you said you would, and the sale went just like you said it would"   W.C. (For Sale By Owner Seller)

"You found us just what we were looking for"  L.J (Buyer)

"I still can't believe you found us EXACTLY what we were looking for" - E.L. ( Buyer )

"Wow, we only had to look at a few houses to find just what I wanted" - B.D ( Buyer )

"Thanks, Bud for your help in my next transaction, the Attornies wouldn't even talk to each other until you intervened, and you weren't even a party to that transaction"  L&S  (my Seller buying a For Sale by Owner )

"Bud, I want to thank you.. for putting up with ME...."   L.F. (For Sale by Owner Seller )

"I couldn't do your job"     E.L.   (Seller)

"I am glad to meet you... we did a transaction together and never met.... you were great to work with!  B.F. (Cooperating Broker)