Walter "Bud" Crane

Sales Associate

Avoiding Foreclosure:

If you find that you need to sell the property quickly, there are important steps you can take. And there are several things I can do to sell the property quickly (and discreetly if necessary) regardless of it's condition!


DO NOT DELAY TAKING ACTION if you are in this situation!

First, ask yourself several questions:

1) is my financial situation a temporary one that I can recover from quickly, or is my situation likely to be more long term

2) Do I have equity to save or protect?

3) Can I live with a Foreclosure on my record?

You CAN cure credit problems over time, however having a foreclosure on your record is WORSE than having a Bankruptcy. This can seriously affect your ability to purchase a house for many, many years. In most cases, it is better to sell the property rather than lose it to the bank, even if you realize little or no proceeds.

I've seen Attornies advise people to"just stop paying the mortgage until they take the property", only to find out they could have recovered sooner if they had just sold the property, and got on with a fresh start.

Regardless, TIME IS of the ESSENCE. DO NOT DELAY here!

Explore your alternatives. There are several.

Call , and I'll give you some good sound Real Estate advice. (Not Legal advice.. You may still need Legal advice, but be careful taking the easy way out.)

I have been Serving the Southern NJ Real Estate Community for 28 years!

Call now and ask for Bud at 1-856-424-4040 ext 133 or call the cell 609-760-9645