Walter "Bud" Crane

Sales Associate


What We do to Sell Your House!

Here are the parts to a Successful Sale:

Simply put: Getting Prepared, Getting people to LOOK, Getting Lookers to OFFER, Getting Buyers to sign a formal SALES AGREEMENT, and to write a DEPOSIT CHECK, Getting thru the 3 day ATTORNEY REVIEW PERIOD, Getting the house to satisfactorily pass the Buyer's HOME INSPECTION,  Get a satisfactory APPRAISAL, Get a Final Mortgage APPROVAL by the Lender, FOLLOW Up: order and deliver necessary documents, Prepare to close, PASS RE-INSPECTION and CLOSE...

1) Preparation, Planning, Pricing, Marketing, and Showing the Property.

2) Actually obtaining a Written offer (helping the buyer to make a Decision), Negotiate price, terms and conditions, take offer to a Formal Contract. Sign, deliver Contract and or addendums,  secure a deposit, Confirm the Pre-Qualification, pass Attorney Review.

3) Follow-up on all Contingencies, coordinate and check on Buyer's duties and obligations, and prepare for closing.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

How smooth your transaction goes depends upon how well these tasks are performed and how well your Agent can 'see ahead', avoiding simple problems that can delay, postpone or even rescind a Sale.

Let my experience obtain the best possible price with the least amount of aggravation for you.

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RE/MAX of Cherry Hill was the 1st RE/MAX office in the State of NJ, and was a model for new offices to come.


 I have been Serving the Southern NJ Real Estate Community since 1985.

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