Walter "Bud" Crane

Sales Associate

For Sale By Owners:

If you like dealing with strangers , taking off from work to meet appraisers, vendors, and inspectors,  coordinating, negotiating and taking risks, you'll like Selling your own house!

Most Sellers will NET NO MORE than if they hired a good Broker! At BEST you'll NET the same and YOU will do ALL the work.

The BUYER will also try to "SAVE THE COMMISSION". You BOTH can't "save the commission".

FACT: For every 10 sellers that attempt to sell their own home, only 1 seller actually completes the sale (usually to a family member, friend or neighbor).

FACT: Of the completed sales, one half (50%) said they would NOT sell their home again by themselves!

*Call me for additional statistics on this.... 1-856-424-4040 ext 133

FACT: There IS a common denominator for the half that happily completed the sale! Do you know what that is? CALL 609-760-9645

Anatomy of a transaction: There are 3 parts to a sale:

1) BEFORE the Buyer is found 

 2) WHEN a Buyer is found and

3) AFTER the Buyer is found.

Pretty simple! Most owners (and Buyers) enjoy the 1st part. In fact we (Realtors) have made the 1st part more interactive, efficient, fun, and cost effective through our use of technology. It is the next 2 parts that most people fail miserably. These are the parts that are most stressful, time consuming, confusing and risky.


Make a Decision: Before deciding if you should sell the home yourself, ask yourself 4 questions:

1) how much TIME do you have? Can you afford to make some mistakes, without seriously affecting the results you want.        

2) Can you afford to move to your next destination, regardless of the sale of the present home?

3) This is the question most people never consider: will it be a hardship, financially or emotionally if the sale falls through, late in the transaction, and you have to carry 2 properties? Can you still proceed without the sale?

4)  How much do you think you will SAVE when the buyer wants to DEDUCT the Commission?

5)  AND the Buyer will want to deduct MORE than just the commission!


I have a very very low, fall out rate! My Goal is to make the home selling / buying PROCESS as stress free as possible, with NO last minute surprises!

There are approximately  35 people involved in the transaction, directly or indirectly, that can delay, postpone, or halt the process!

and with tighter credit  requirements now, it is even more important to have experienced people working for you.


Seller's  Checklist

Courtesy of Bud Crane

Part 1

___:  Preparation,

___:  Pricing - tihs is the MOST important thing for you to do properly!

___:  Terms, Conditions .... closing date, extensions, money needed for next purchase...

___:  Advertise, Market, Lawn sign, Flyers, Brochure boxes, Classifieds, Relocation Buyers...

___:  Make appointments - ask questions, qualify, get phone numbers..

___:  Show the Property - Safely, securely, open houses, liability (hazards - valuables)

___:  Followup - overcoming objections...

___:  Help the Buyers to Decide, to make a Decision...  or Counteroffer, Negotiate...

Part 2.

___:  If they Like the property - take action, move the transaction forward.. quickly .....

___:  Instruct you Attorney - YOU are in charge here!

___:  Confirm or re-confirm the Pre-qualification,

___:  Check assets (where is the deposit? Gift? or status of present property?)

___:  Credit - watch out for recent bankruptcies....

___:  Sign and Deliver the Contract, and or addendums - Instruct the Attorney.

___:  Arrange for Inspections, watch the time frame here.....

___:  Learn Most Frequent Home Inspection items, and how to deal with them ....

Part 3.

___:  Followup: Title (watch out for Child Support / Dmv surcharges against the Buyers), Survey,

___:   Fire Insurance (make sure Buyer does NOT wait until last minute)

___:   Municipal Requirements vary: sidewalks - house numbers

___:  Appraisal

___:  Written Mortgage Commitment due:_________(watch for extraordinary conditions)

___:  Order Payoff(s) ...... watch out for old mortgages still recorded!

___:  Fire Inspections and Carbon Monoxide detectors too

I have been serving the Southern NJ Real Estate Community for 25 years!

Bud Crane       Call 856-424-4040 ext 133 (24 hrs)


2 Critical Points when Selling the House yourself.

This is where most owners lose the Sale.

Once the Buyer says he likes the house, you must get him to make a DECISION to go forward; he must do something: write a check, fill out a Proposal to Purchase or Letter of Intent... DO SOMETHING...ANYTHING! Don't wait for the Attornies to keep things moving forward.

Next: Have your Attorney prepare Sales Agreement right away. (call me, I'll give you a worksheet). In fact, I would have my Attorney prepare a contract ahead of time, so YOU can just FILL IN THE BLANKS, on short notice.